For Kids, Many Voices Become One at “Twenty Feet from Stardom” Benefit Screening & Concert

Originally posted in Kevin Walsh’s blog, MyMediaDiary.

Gia Warner, Thornetta Davis, Barbara Payton, Doug Blush, Ann Delisi and Bobby Lewis

Photo by Kevin Walsh

Few third graders have been overheard bragging to their classmates…

  • “I hope to be fourth cellist in the New York Philharmonic.”
  • “I’d like to be a situational middle-inning relief pitcher for the Yankees.”
  • “I want to be in charge of the front-left tire for an Indy pit-crew.”


  • “My dream is to be an editor.”

Not many editors get a standing ovation. Even at the Oscars, its award is sandwiched between Best Costume Design and the latest Revlon commercial. And you are more likely to be mistaken as that fourth cellist before someone says, “Aren’t you an editor–of documentaries?”

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